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Classification of prints

Date: 2020-10-20

From the printing process points

(1) Direct printing

Printing color paste is printed directly on white or light ground fabric.

Features: simple printing process, suitable for all kinds of dyes, can be used on all kinds of fabrics.

(2) Dye-proof printing locally prevents dyes from being dyed or coloured, thus printing patterns of various colors on dyed fabrics.

Anti-white printing: the printing color paste contains chemicals that can destroy or prevent the ground color dye from being dyed. The ground color at the printing place cannot be dyed. The white pattern at the printing place is called anti-white printing.

Color anti-printing: the printing color paste contains dyes that do not act on the anti-dyeing agent, and the anti-dyeing fibers are applied simultaneously.

Features: fineness less than discharge printing, but the variety of dyes.

From the printing equipment

(1) Screen printing

More commonly used.

The screen is the main printing tool. The holes with patterns are hollow, the holes without patterns are coated, and the color paste is scraped through the holes and transferred to the fabric.

According to the screen shape.

(2) Flat screen printing

Pattern size and color number is not limited, printing fabric is basically free from tension.

(3) Circular screen printing

The size of the pattern is limited by the circumference of the circle net, the pattern is limited and the production efficiency is high.

(4) Roller printing

A method of printing commonly used in the 20th century.

The printing roller process is complicated, suitable for printing large batches of floral cloth, small batches of high cost, gradually replaced by screen printing.

Indentation on the cylinder.

High pattern definition.

(5) Transfer printing

The dye is printed on paper by printing and then transferred to textiles.

The processing process is short, the decorative pattern is rich in artistic quality, can print the pattern with rich levels, lifelike forms.

It accounts for 5% of printing production.

(6) Ink jet printing

Originated from ink-jet printing machine.

Simple printing process.

Printing quality of high - grade, no color set limit.

High flexibility in production.

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