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Industry news

Development of Printing and dyeing

Date: 2020-10-20

With the continuous improvement and development of dyeing technology, the color of textiles dyed in ancient China has been constantly enriched.

Some people have made chromatographic analysis of tang Dynasty silk fabrics unearthed in Turpan. There are 24 colors, among which the red ones are silver, water, scarlet, scarlet, and purple. Yellow goose yellow, chrysanthemum yellow, apricot yellow, golden yellow, tan, tea brown; Blue, blue egg white, azure, emerald blue, sapphire blue, red blue, navy blue; Green has hu Green, bean green, leaf green, fruit green, dark green and so on.

In recent years, energy conservation and emission reduction has become a trend of China's industrial development. In 2010, the state issued policies to eliminate backward production capacity in the industry, and some small workshop-style enterprises are bound to face integration. On the other hand, cotton, wool and other raw material prices, also let the industry feel pressure. More challenges will promote the upgrading of the industry and the concentration will be improved.

The development of China's printing and dyeing industry has been highly valued by the government and the textile industry. In recent years, the state has put the technological transformation of the printing and dyeing industry into one of the key industries to support the textile industry, at the same time in the development of technology and science and technology has also given corresponding policy support, so that China's printing and dyeing industry in quality, variety, efficiency and other aspects have been greatly improved, the overall competitiveness has been improved.

At present, the development trend of printing and dyeing industry at home and abroad is high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, these three aspects complement each other, indispensable. To develop productive forces, improving production efficiency is the most direct means; And energy conservation has reached the stage where measures must be taken; While taking measures to save energy and develop productivity, it is also necessary to have the awareness of environmental protection and means of pollution treatment.

After analyzing the status quo and development trend of China's printing and dyeing industry, the National Development and Reform Commission clearly put forward "to transform the traditional industry with information technology and high-tech", which is not only the development of printing and dyeing industry, but also the development of printing and dyeing machinery industry policy guidance.

During the tenth five-year Plan period, great achievements have been made in the development of China's printing and dyeing industry. The number of printing and dyeing enterprises above the national scale increased from 858 in 2000 to 1,778 in 2005, with an average annual growth rate of 15.69 percent. Among enterprises above the scale of printing and dyeing industry, the number of employees increased from 268,000 in 2000 to 431,300 in 2005, with an average annual growth rate of 9.98%. In 2005, the total industrial output value reached 139.71 billion yuan (the current price), an increase of 153.41 percent over the 55.133 billion yuan in 2000.

In 2006, the output of printing and dyeing cloth above the scale reached 43.03 billion meters, with a year-on-year increase of 10.47% and a decrease of 5.22 percentage points.

The number of printing and dyeing enterprises above the scale was 1948, with a year-on-year increase of 7.27%; The number of deficit households was 348, with the loss area reaching 17.86%. The total loss was 819 million yuan, down 12.91% year on year; The number of employed persons was 455,200, up 4.49% year on year. The total import and export volume of the six categories of printing and dyeing products reached 12.969 billion US dollars, up 8.05% year on year and 0.95 percentage points. The trade surplus reached us $5.981 billion, an increase of 20.46% year on year and a decrease of 4.70 percentage points.

From January to May 2007, China's printing and dyeing industry continued to maintain a steady economic development. The total profit of printing and dyeing enterprises above a certain scale was 1.871 billion yuan, up 17.88% from the same period last year. The total industrial output value reached 70.62 billion yuan, up 12.52% year on year. The sales output value reached 67.853 billion yuan, up 12.35% year-on-year; Sales revenue reached 66.533 billion yuan, up 13.59 percent year on year. The output of printing and dyeing cloth reached 17.793 billion meters, up 9.21% year on year and 6.36 percentage points slower. The monthly output in May was 4.138 billion meters.

1, August 2008, due to the raw materials, energy, artificial prices have risen sharply, interest rates, the rising cost of printing and dyeing enterprises above designated size quickly, operating expenses grew by 14.84% year on year, management costs rose 13.95%, the interest payments substantially increased by 32.28%, compared to the same enterprise total profit of 3.968 billion yuan, increased by 2.6%, compared to the same growth dropped sharply, return on sales of 3%, 0.5% less than 3.50% in 2007.

China's printing and dyeing industry develops rapidly, and its processing capacity ranks the first in the world. It has become a major textile printing and dyeing production country. But productivity and economic efficiency are not in sync. The average unit price for the export of major printing and dyeing products is lower than that for the import of the same period, indicating that China's printing and dyeing products have lower grade and low added value. Enterprises generally attach importance to the development of color and product functions, but ignore the impact of printing and dyeing on the natural environment and society; Printing and dyeing enterprises are mainly engaged in the processing of incoming samples, and most of them are imitating and following in the process technology, variety development and management. There are few independent brands and poor r&d and innovation ability. The technology of on-line detection and on-line control of dyeing and finishing equipment, the development of new equipment, manufacturing precision and accessories, energy saving, environmental protection, after-sales service and other aspects lag behind the advanced foreign level.

The printing and dyeing industry should strengthen technological innovation to improve the quality of products, the state has issued corresponding policies to control the serious pollution of printing and dyeing production enterprises, improve the environment, promote the harmonious development of production and environment, increase investment in science and technology, so that printing and dyeing machinery to environmental protection, energy saving, efficient, short process development.

The eleventh five-year planning, printing and dyeing industry to improve the dyeing quality, promoting energy saving technology, strengthening the environmental protection for the principle, with modern electronic technology, automation technology, biological technology by means of high technology, the development of coatings printing and dyeing, micro suspension dyeing and printing, transfer printing, digital printing without water or less water, such as printing and dyeing technology, speed up the ecological textiles and functional textile research and development and production; Promote environmental protection, energy saving and clean printing and dyeing processing technology to realize the transformation from "terminal treatment" to "source prevention" of pollution in printing and dyeing industry; We will step up environmental law enforcement and eliminate outdated equipment and printing and dyeing enterprises that are energy intensive, highly polluting or cannot meet the requirements for wastewater treatment.

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