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Company benefits:

1. Stable work and comfortable working environment.

2. Work every Monday to Saturday, and rest on Sunday, no overtime, enjoy national legal holidays.

3. Include board and lodging, 2 people/room; the room has air-conditioning, water heater, and independent bathroom, without deduction of water and electricity charges.

4. There is an annual salary increase, and regular employees enjoy the company's purchase of social insurance.

5. The company will reimburse the round-trip fare for the Spring Festival if the employee has been employed for one year; the company organizes an outing trip every year.

1. Recruitment target: 1 manager assistant (female only, under 35 years old)

Job Responsibilities:

A. Responsible for the overall work of the office under the leadership of the company, and strive to be a staff assistant to the general manager of the company, and play a role in linking the past.

B. Under the leadership of the company, be responsible for the arrangement, implementation, inspection, supervision and implementation of the specific management work of the company.

C. Assist the company manager to manage various operations and services, supervise and inspect the implementation.


A. College degree or above, strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

B. Two years or more of working experience as assistant to general manager, or foreign trade documentary experience is preferred.

C. Humble, courteous, organized, meticulous, serious, responsible, rigorous, and full of vigor.

D. Have strong writing skills and strong communication and coordination and language skills.

2. Recruitment target: 2 business assistants (only female, under 35 years old)

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for tracking the production progress of orders and arranging the delivery of products.


A. Technical secondary school or college degree or above.

B. Have a certain foundation in English.

C. Familiar with office software operation skills.

D. Have team spirit, strong communication and negotiation skills, and strong sense of responsibility.

E. Experienced is preferred.

3. Recruitment target: 2 Alibaba platform salespersons (no gender limit, age under 30)

Job Responsibilities:

A. Responsible for the daily operation of the company's Alibaba account, replying to inquiries, processing orders; and maintaining, updating, and managing the background of the website.

B. Develop overseas market customers through the network or offline channels, and can maintain and manage the relationship between new and old customers.

C. Responsible for the establishment, signing, execution and tracking of foreign trade contracts.

D. Responsible for after-sales service and problem handling.

E. Responsible for tracking the payment in place.


A. College degree or above in related majors, fluent in English.

B. More than 1 year of foreign trade experience in textile-related industries, able to independently operate the entire foreign trade business process, and familiar with all aspects of foreign trade export.

C. Can endure hardships, have strong communication and coordination skills, strong sense of competition and teamwork.

D. Obey management and strictly abide by company secrets.

E. Basic salary plus commission.

4. Recruitment target: 2 warehouse workers (male only, under 40 years old)

Job Responsibilities:

Goods receipt and delivery, quality inspection, packaging, other matters arranged by the supervisor, etc.


A. Serious and responsible, proactive, responsible, able to bear hardships and stand hard work.

B. Working experience in warehouse is preferred.

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