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Dyeing method

Date: 2020-10-20

The implementation of the dyeing method is done on the dyeing equipment.

1. Microporous coating

The microporous coating can be achieved in the following way.

2. Hydrophilic cloth coating

The moisture permeability of hydrophilic coating is the free volume and the space between the polymers formed by the thermal motion of the coating agent, which forms the pores that allow water vapor molecules to pass through. As the coating agent polyurethane solution contains hydrophilic groups, the sweat water vapor molecules pass through the coating through adsorption, diffusion and desorption.

3. Composite fabric coating fabric

The hydrophilic finishing on the pore structure is used to improve the water resistance and moisture permeability of the microporous foam layer. When choosing a hydrophilic finishing agent, take care not to cause unacceptable loss of moisture permeability.

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