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Where will China's printing and dyeing footsteps go?

Date: 2020-10-20

Printing and dyeing industry is an industry that needs to be strengthened and enlarged, but it is also an industry that faces great challenges. At present, China's economy and society are in the big background of the overall transformation, the transformation of industrial structure, growth mode transformation, economic system transformation, and social structure transformation, and compared with other industries in our country, due to the particularity of China's dyeing stage of development, as well as the industry position in the whole society, humanities and social factors, and its transformation ahead of or different from other industries. From the information conveyed by the economic variables in the recent period, it can be seen that China's printing and dyeing industry is entering into the transformation of growth mode caused by the transformation of industrial structure, and environmental protection and social responsibility have attracted more and more attention.

From the perspective of development trend, dyeing and finishing is regarded as the key link of textile industry chain, carrying important functions such as creating added value and commodity differentiation. The industry has many characteristics: first, it consumes a lot of energy; The second is to use a large amount of chemical raw materials, the third is to produce a lot of pollution. Under the background of both energy and chemical products rising in price, the printing and dyeing industry has reached a difficult situation. And the National Development and Reform Commission recently issued the printing and dyeing industry access conditions, made clear that since March 1, 2008, construction or expansion of printing and dyeing projects must conform to the requirements, at the same time, the construction and reconstruction of printing and dyeing projects should be at or above provincial investment departments for the record, after multiple departments of inspectors to check the rear can put into production. Focus on strengthening the clean production audit of printing and dyeing industry, strengthening environmental impact assessment, strict implementation of environmental access system, strict environmental impact assessment of construction projects, the construction of severely polluting projects in accordance with the law, promote the optimization of industrial structure, realize the sustainable development of printing and dyeing industry.

In fact, China's printing and dyeing industry in the whole chain, is not an isolated existence, in its upstream, is the chemical industry, machinery, chemical fiber, etc., all kinds of printing and dyeing technology need the support and cooperation of upstream enterprises. In environmental protection, for the whole society more and more high to the requirement of environmental protection, clean production of dyeing technology has made unprecedented progress, with less discharge as the target of clean production technology system made breakthrough progress, greatly reduces the dyeing and printing water and pollutant load, at the same time, wastewater treatment technology is quite mature, large scale and strength of printing and dyeing enterprises, capable of environmental protection equipment investment, thus can effectively control of printing and dyeing enterprises for environmental pollution. Through the circular economy model, the modern printing and dyeing industry should not only not be the "big polluter" in people's impression, but also be possible to build a green industry that develops harmoniously with the environment.

At the same time, with the development of Chinese printing and dyeing enterprises in society, attaching importance to social responsibility has become the "admission card" of the international market more and more. Under the background of economic globalization, the growing Chinese printing and dyeing enterprises should actively fulfill their corporate social responsibility and increase their efforts in this respect in order to gain the share of the international market.

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